Teen Issues With Alcohol

Gracie Nestor

Alcohol is extremely widespread among today's teenagers. In the past month 26.4% teenagers used alcohol. Binge drinking with other teenagers their age was 17.4%. Only 8% teenage drinkers drive after drinking. The most common reason teenagers drink is because of other people, for instants if the people you hang out with the most drink a lot then you are likely to do so.

My opinion is that teenagers who drink should ask for help. Most teenagers don't realize what their doing when they consume alcohol. Parents who want help for their kids who have a drinking problem can send them to a rehab facility to get clean. Once your teenager goes to a rehab facility a doctor or a person who works there will help the teenager set a date on when the teenager wants to leave, and if  he/she does well with overcoming their alcohol problems they get to leave. However if they don't do well in the program they have to stay longer.

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