The Beautiful Piedmont

By: Hannah Minix, Cade Briggs, and Adrianna Hernandez

Come visit our beautiful sights, explore new things, and meet new people! The Piedmont has many important cities with many activities! This beautiful region includes Atlanta, Augusta, Athens, and Macon. In these cities there are many sights to see and places to be! The Piedmont also has many sights, as in:Lake Lanier, West Point Lake, the Chattahoochee River, the Savannah River, and the Fall line. Come and visit these beautiful sights!


Georgia's beautiful capital!

Popular tourist attraction in the Piedmont! This area includes: The Fox Theater, The Georgia Aquarium, Six Flags Over Georgia, Piedmont Park, Stone Mountain, The World of Coca-Cola, Atlanta History Center, and many more! Atlanta is the main tourist attraction in the Piedmont. It's known for the businesses industry and the exciting actives here!

Georgia Aquarium

Six Flags Over Georgia

The World of Coca-Cola


You may know Athens for the University of Georgia and Georgia Bulldogs, but this city is much more. Nestled below the Blue Ridge Mountains, 70 miles from Atlanta, Athens is a huge business and activity region. From the state's Botanical Garden to the Georgia Museum of Art, whether you're after a romantic getaway or a unique quick trip from Atlanta, find what you've been searching for here in Athens, Georgia.


Augusta provides many businesses in the Piedmont region. The beautiful city of Augusta was established in 1736 and it has boomed since! Being on the South Carolina and Georgia border, this city gained 200,000 people  in the city limits and 500,000 in the trade region. This city has exhilarating attractions and events, including: The Augusta Museum of History,The Symphony Orchestra, and many others!


Visit Macon, Georgia for a Southern adventure! Let the city's history take you on a family vacation! Hike through ancient Indian mounds and enter North America's only reconstructed earth lodge, or take in the state's largest collection of African-American art and culture. From museums to monuments, Macon has it all. Macon also is a great place to join a business or start your own! See all the places your adventure can take you in Macon, Georgia!


The Piedmont region has many amazing sights to see, such as: Lake Lanier , West Point Lake, the Chattahoochee River, the Savannah River,  and the Fall Line. The Fall Line provides most of the region with hydro-electricity. The Savannah River is used mostly for transporting goods into and out of Georgia. The Chattahoochee River provides the city of Atlanta with drinking water. Although most of the region is quite the business industry, the Piedmont also provides agriculture in part of the region. Please come and start a business or just come to enjoy the ride in the beautiful Piedmont!

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