Looks pretty confusing huh? You may be thinking "Why is there letters in there?" or "Is he just making this up?". Well I can assure you that it's possible and really easy. Here are the instructions on how to solve two-step equations.

Know what the symbols mean.

Still sitting there wondering what the x means? The x is just a variable. It is just putting x in the place of the number that usually goes there. The rest is simple. + means add, - means subtract, ÷ means divide, x either means the variable x or multiply.

How to solve.

Let's take the one that I said in the beginning, 3x-3=6. Look at the left side of the equal sign. See the 3x? Ignore it for now. We need to get rid of the -3. Now you are maybe thinking that you can just add 3 to 3x. We can't do that though cause we don't know what x is. So we ad it to the other side, the 6. 6+3=9 so now its 3x=9. Now since we cannot multiply 3 by x, we have to divide the whole thing by 3. So now 3x÷3 is x and 9÷3=3. We now have the answer x=3.


You now know how to solve two-step equations! Now realistically you will probably never use this in real life, but you can always show off your intellect with doing problems like these. Here is a video tutorial on the subject and a game for further help.



So now you know what x equals.

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