My Journey
"Tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today." -Malcolm X

My past

This is a picture from the 8th grade dance with some of my best friends. Without all of them in my life I don't know where I would be.
One of my achievements in middle school is that I got 4.0 GPA.
I have danced for 10 years before High school and I am still actively dancing
Before High School I also traveled a lot with my family.

My Present Journey

One part of my current journey has been photography!
Another part of my journey in high school has been meeting great people and making new friends
I also moved shortly after starting high school
I have also continued my dancing carrer

My Future Journey

When I get older I hope to be an event planner or persue a career in home dei
In the future I also want to travel the world.

Advice for the class of 2019

My advice for the class of 2019 freshman year is not to let your grades drop because you are having too much fun. My second tip would be not to be so nervous on the first day of school because it is not as bad as you think it will be.

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