Welcome to Sunny Mesopotamia!

By: Elizabeth Gillespie

     Mesopotamia is a popular location for everyone to live from survival men to trying to survive flood season, to polytheists worshiping at the new giant ziggurats.  Now, lets explore why it's so great to live here!


Mesopotamia is an area in the Middle East located between the Tigris and Euphrates river. Is home to many City-states and Empires. In this area you will find the world's first civilizations and inventions.

Map of Mesopotamia


        There are many advantages to living in this beautiful area. It is an always an average low of 75 degrees Fahrenheit, so you only really have to wear traditional clothing for that area for all year.  Our main alphabet is cuneiform, so it's easier to communicate with other people.

Clothing worn on a daily basis in Mesopotamia.

  Another advantage of living here is the architecture of the lovely mud houses and ziggurats. Here is Mesopotamia we have higher technology.  Our farmers have created us citizens a stable food supply, we invented the first wheel, so we can travel to place to place quicker. The first irrigation systems were also invented here to keep our water clean and safe to drink.

Farm in Mesopotamia

Why Live in Mesopotamia?

See You In Mesopotamia!

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