Yajirobay #8

Explore the History of Namahage

What is Namahage?

On New Year’s Eve, men from each village dressed as Namahage visit homes in the district while shouting out whether there are any crying babies or misbehaving children, or whether the young wife of the household is an early riser.

For the people of Oga, the Namahage are deities who visit at the end of the year to admonish laziness, and bear tidings of good health, good harvests, and products from the mountains and oceans. At the homes they visit, the Namahage deities are received courteously and served food and sake in accordance with traditional custom.

Historically, the Namahage event of Oga City took place during 'Ko-shogatsu' (Little New Year, around January 15th), but is now held on New Year’s Eve in some 50 villages.

In 1978, Oga no Namahage was designated as a national important intangible folk cultural property. We are proud to share this history with all of you!

Let's dress up like Namahage!

Are you gonna scare some kids?

At this tour, you will be able to see all the different Namahage costumes and be able to wear the traditional clothing worn for the festival! You will also get to meet many of the crafters that design each Namahage mask. The village has also designed a very special Namahage performance just for us! There will be guest speakers that will talk about more of the history of Namage and Oga City. Finally, Oga is very famous for its local dishes and some of the freshest seafood in Akita, so let's try them together!

Cost & Schedule

The cost for everything on this trip (transportation, insurance, food, workshops, performance, costumes, and general admission) is 3000yen {PRICE DOWN!}.

The schedule is as follows: (Date: 11/23 Sunday)

8:00 - AIU Check-in

9:00 - Sightseeing #1 (Namahage Statue / Souvenir Shop)

9:45 - Sightseeing #2 (Namahage Museum)

11:00 - Special Lunch Workshop (Cooking with the local village)

13:00 - Namahage Handcrafting Workshop

14:00 - Special Namahage Performance (Dress-up, drum session, & workshop)
(Special Onsen available at this time)

15:30 - Sightseeing #3 (Namahage Temple)

16:30 - Leave Namahage Village

17:30 - Arrive back at AIU


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