Pay Art Forward


The 7th grade art classes at Monticello Middle School created these beautiful pieces of art for you to enjoy, record their locations, and then Pay-Art-Forward!

To participate, please add a comment where you found the art, along with what it was like to discover it! Once you've commented, then Pay-Art-Forward by placing it out in public, randomly, for someone else to discover. Be creative! Thank you for participating... enjoy the art!

Sincerely, Monticello Middle School 7th Grade Art Class

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7 months ago

My heads name is unequal. My inspiration was differences between people and how we are all the same on the insides though we look different on the outside. The reason why I painted it blue was because of the sky because it resembles how the sky is high up as a high point of your day. I enjoyed making this piece because I like using clay and making faces