The Graveyard book
By Neil Gaiman

The characters in the book are bod, Silas, Jack, Mr.and Mrs. Owens, Scarlet, Miss Lupescu ,the Duke of Westminster and the ghouls . This is what they look like.

This book mostly takes place in the grave yard.

Those are the character for the book. Now that I showed you the characters ,here's the summary.

One dark cold gloomy night there was a man named jack, he was a tall sleek man with a large black cloak and and a black hat.  He also had a large knife with a sleek back handle . The knife was so sharp that if you got cut you would not notice right a way.that dark gloomy night jack murders bods family and if bod did not get up and crawl away he would of been killed to. Bod crawled away to a graveyard on top of a hill. When he crawled in between the bars into the graveyard 2 ghosts find him and decide to take care of him. As bod get older he learns more about the outside world outside the grave yard .

I would give this book a 5 star rating because it is a great book.

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