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"The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay"

My Essay Reflection

Question #1. My writing has definitely improved from the beginning of the year. At the start it was choppy and unorganized, but now its less of both.

Question #2. I consider my writing strengths as spelling and researching.

Question #3. By the end of next year I would like to be better at creating flowy essays and being good at grammar.

Question #4. I liked reading this novel and getting very wrapped up in it.

"The Outsiders/Hero's Journey Essay"

If someone starts talking about “superheros” many people would think about “The Amazing Spider Man 2” and “Man of Steel”. However, there is a different kind of Hero. This hero may not be as “special” as the normal superheroes. This Hero may be anyone around you. These heroes experience something called “The Hero’s Journey”. In the Heroes Journey a Hero goes through many phases and steps. First the Hero experiences the Separation from the Known, then the Initiation, and finally the Return to Everyday Life. In the realistic fiction novel “The Outsiders” by S. E. Hinton the main character Ponyboy goes on a heroes journey because he travels through the the phases of the monomyth.

In conclusion, “The Outsiders” has many heroes, but the one that stands out the most is Ponyboy Curtis. He travels to a faraway place, faces many challenges, and returns home with a gift. “The Outsiders” has many ups and downs, many twists and turns. For example when Pony and Johnny walk to the park and back they kill Bob the Soc. Another example is that Pony and Johnny save a group of children from a burning church, but sadly Johnny dues from injuries. Finally, Pony is also acquitted and he goes back home fine. Many places in the world are like this.

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