The Glass Castle

Book Review



Throughout the story, Mom and Dad neglected their children in so many ways, but their children need to understand that forgiveness is for themselves as well for their parents. As long as they keep love in their heart, they would be able to forgive each other for all the negative things they did to each other.


Loyalty is a something that Jeanette's family really kept real throughout the story. They always kept the reality of family first in their mind. Even though sometimes they wouldn't trust each other, they still acknowledge the fact that they are family and they come from the same blood.



In the beginning of the story, Jeanette has dinner with her homeless mother at a seafood restaurant. Jeanette try's to tell her mom to stop living like that but she didn't listen.

Rising Action

At age three, Jeanette ends up catching herself on fire and having to go to the hospital. Her dad ends up pulling a skedaddle and sneaking Jeanette out of the ER.

Jeanette and her family start moving around to different locations multiple times throughout the story.

Jeanette ends up getting "raped" by a boy who was obsessed with her named billy.


Over time, after Jeanette moves to New York, the rest of her family also moves there and starts their new lives.

Falling Action

Jeanette's mom and dad end up becoming homeless and living off the streets.

Maureen becomes mentally incompetent and the family argues over who’s to blame.

Maureen ends up stabbing her mom and later becomes admitted into a mental institute.  


After Jeanette's father dies, her and the rest of the family meet up to reconcile at a Thanksgiving dinner.



Jeanette is the daughter of Rex Walls. As a child, she is adventurous and crazy-curious. As Jeanette gets older, her feelings toward her mom and dad change. She dislikes her Dad's drinking and how he constantly lets her and the rest of the family down yet never openly admits it


Dad is a very smart man. He spends his spare time inventing contraptions he hopes will make the family rich. He is paranoid of the government and sees conspiracies in almost any system. He always comes up short due to his alcoholism, which drives him deeper into despair and further drinking.


Like Dad, Mom is a free spirit who is very self-sufficient. She has no compassion for people who complain about her family's situation. Mom is an artist and spends a lot of her time drawing or painting pictures. She thinks that one day, her artwork would sell for thousands. She went to college to be a teacher, but she hates teaching because it shows that she is not a talented artist.


Where Jeanette Walls was born.

First place the family moved after they pulled a skedaddle from the Emergency Room.

First School Jeanette went to was located here.

Jeannette gets rapped here by a boy named billy.

Jeanette and her family start a new life at this very location.

Important Quotes

“Things usually work out in the end." "What if they don't?" "That just means you haven't come to the end yet.”  ― Mom

This quote was spoken by Jeanette and her mom. This quote is important because it shows that there is still hope in the world and there is still hope in their lives.

“If you don't want to sink, you better figure out how to swim”
― Jeanette

This quote was spoken by Jeanette. This quote is important because it is explaining that you need to be strong and brave to su in the world they live in.

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