by Brandon

Tigers walk on the forest floor

A tiger is the biggest cat in the cat family.A male tiger weighs more than three or four full grown men and female tiger are slightly smaller.

FUN FACT Tigers have 30 teeth!


Tigers have stripes for a special reason .Tigers have orange stripes to blend in with the tall grass,and tigers have black stripes to blend in to the shadows of the tall grass.


Tigers mostly eat wild pigs,rabbets and deer some times they will eat bears.Tigers will use their retractable claws to hunt for food.


When a cub is born it,s blind until it is one week old.Cubs love to play,they wrestle and even try to pounce on their moms tail.Tigers start their own family when their 3 to 4 years old.

fun facts!

A tigers canine is 3 times the size of yours.

Tigers can jump 33 feet to pounce on prey.

tigers can run 35 miles per hour,NO tigers stripes are the same.

Tiger cubs are eaten by leopards ,jackals,and wild dogs.

tigers are protect there cubs

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