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Hindi news websites and news channels are reporting the fact that the camaraderie between the prime minister and West Bengal CM, Mamata Banerjee was very promising and despite political differences between the two on the past the inauguration was very positive and raised hopes that the PM will in fact make great changes to the Northeast and other eastern states in the days to come. Mr. Modi said that the eastern states are rich and full of potential but was largely ignored by the centre since Independence. The charismatic leader was quoted as saying.

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Nothing gets as much attention of news readers as the breaking news category. Anything from human tragedies to natural catastrophic events are covered under this. Even political updates of great importance find their place here.

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Sports are the mainstay of many Hindi news websites. These websites specialize in reporting latest sporting events from across the world and across different interests. Cricket, hockey, football are some of the many categories you can pick from. Some online dailies report breaking news related to other domains too. In short, you will never run out of news on sports.

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