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I love this picture, the weather was really nasty that day, but I took it as a great opportunity to take a picture of what I LOVE  

Basketball Goal

Water Faucet

Magic Ball

This picture was taken right outside my house, I was so excited that i got a new camera so i took a picture of the first thing I saw.
I was out walking around my neighborhood, and i say this basketball out in the yard, and i just figured I would take a picture
I was playing with one of my younger sisters toys, and I just figured this would be a cool picture.


This is one of the pictures that I would consider my best, I love the depth of feel and the interaction with the coach and players.


This was taken on a rainy day, I just loved how there was a random pile of leaves.


This picture was taken on a spring break trip I took to the zoo. This is one of my favorites

Front of my car

I took this picture for an Elements project

Taking the trash out

My mom asked me to take out the trash, so I figured this would a great opportunity to see what I could get into

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