Life Of Average a Roman Man

ANCIENT ROME- Here in Rome, Several things are a bit unusual compared to other places in the world.

Roman family life is based off of a patriarchy. An patriarchy is when the father figure of the family has all control. This means that fathers in these families are able to sell their wives, and even their children by saying they did not recognize them.

Mainly, a family here was like the following: father, mother, single daughters, married sons and married daughters. a household usually consists of a father, mother, single daughters and those who are married but still live with their parents

Life styles here in Rome depend on whether  you have a high paying job. Rich peoples lifespan tends to be longer than those that are poor. Rich peoples lives are very good, they have beautiful houses, enjoy extravagant lifestyle, owned several servants and slaves, and often have exclusive dinner parties. Poor people, on the other hand, dream of the life the rich live. They live in shabby, squalid houses, do not eat much food, and are sometimes servants or slaves.

Roman apartment buildings, houses and important buildings in the main hub of Rome
Ancient Roman Map, showing allies and territories from all time periods

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Roman men generally wore two garments, the tunica and the toga. The tunica was a short woolen under garment with short sleeves. By contrast, to wear a long tunic with long sleeves was considered womanish and was generally avoided by society as a whole. It was originally worn mainly by the working class plebes, freedmen and slaves, though its function as an undergarment for any class of people is frowned upon.

As the toga was specifically meant as a public display garment, the tunica was also worn by anyone within their own homes. The tunic worn by patrician men was made from white wool or expensive linen, while the poor would wear whatever fabric was available for use. The classic toga was a distinct Roman garment that only actual citizens were allowed to wear. Its distinct purpose was to indicate peace, as opposed to the a square or rectangular cloak made of coarse wool, fastened usually on the right shoulder, called a sagum cloak, worn during times of war.

Man on the left wearing a classic toga used for comfort, while woman on left wearing a sagum cloak used in times of war

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