Hank Aaron

  • Hank Aaron was born Feb 5,1934 his parents are Estella and Hebert Aaron.he was raised  in a segregated neighborhood,he was African American and during the time people that wasn't his color hated him but he still moved on with his life.
  • Hank Aaron position in baseball was outfielder,and he was in the major league,his career lasted 23 years he hit 30 or more home runs,he hit his 715th home run in 1974.
  • In my opinion Hank Aaron was a role model because he had hit his 715th home run and he didn't care what people think of him he just went on and had a happy life.
  • Hank Aaron retired in 1976,he was traded through out the century when he declined his retire but he still had to retire.Really he didn't retire completely but he couldn't keep playing so he did.
  • One adjective his that he was brave because he didn't care what people think of him and just kept going on and just ignore them.
  • Another one is smart because he quit school to do something he wanted to do.
  • Last one is hard working because he just didn't get in the major league's he had to work is way from the bottom to the top.
  • Hank Aaron's baseball number was 44,his team was Milwaukee Braves.
  • Hank Aaron's is now 81 years old today.
  • Hank also has two siblings Tommie Aaron,and Alfredia Scott.
  • He also has a Presidential medal of Freedom.
  • He went to little Rock Central High School.
  • His nickname was the hammer.
  • He had six kids.
  • His first spouse was Barbara Lucas in 1953 but died in 1971,His second wife was Billye Aaron in 1973.

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