White Flies
By: Adam & Tristen

They grow up to 1-3 mm in length and are sap sucking insects. Their wings and bodies are covered in a white, waxy powder. They lay up to 400 eggs on the underside of the leaves. They suck the phloem sap from the underside of the leaves and causes the leaf to slowly die. The white flies excrete a sticky honeydew substance and causes yellowing or death of leaves.

Their sucking can cause small holes in the plants that allows for bacteria and viruses to enter and kill the plant. If left untreated, the effected plant will yellow and in it's weakened state it may die or be vulnerable to other diseases or pests

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To eliminate whiteflies, one can either rinse the plant with soapy water for 1-2 weeks or until whiteflies are eliminated. One can also buy a pesticide that attaches to the pest and sucks it dry.

The best way to eliminate whiteflies is to rinse the plant with soapy water. It costs virtually nothing.

For our IMP, to get rid of whiteflies we are going to mechanically water the plants with soapy water. Then we will release lady bug to eat to remaining whiteflies. You can culturally control it by putting up a mesh screen to reduce whitefly problem. If all else fails we will apply chemical control of insecticides to kill off the whiteflies. This last step is the most expensive and harmful for the environment.

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