Hello, Handmades!

Submit your DIY-craft projects here to be featured on our blog.

We want to feature your creativity.

Are you a DIY goddess or king of the craft? We want to feature your hottest handmades in our blog's weekly "Real Projects" section. Submit your project to our Hello, Handmades board. It's easy as...

  1. Create a Tackk account: it's free and super simple. Plus, it will enable us to contact you, and your Tackk won't ever expire.
  2. Tackk up your project or a tutorial. Include pictures of how you created the project, show steps to making it or snap before/after images. This is a DIY community... and we'll want to DIY it ourselves too!
  3. Add a contact form. Click the + button on the left and choose the FORM option. We'll use it to contact you if we select your project to feature on our blog. No form, no feature!
  4. Tag it to the Hello Handmades board. If it's not there already, add "HelloHandmades" (one word) to the tags section at the bottom of your Tackk. Once you finish your Tackk, you'll see it on the Hello Handmades Tackkboard.

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