My student teacher is supposed to be at the wheel this week so I'm not getting too worked up about getting ready for tomorrow. All she has to do is make sure the kids definitely KNOW about infrastructure improvements of the early 1800s, the court cases, McCullough v Maryland and Gibbons v Ogden. She's a competent student teacher but it's a bit of a white knuckle ride....they've GOT to know this stuff.

I'm waiting around to see how the History channel is going to make the Founding Fathers hot. They've got a series called 'Sons of Liberty'. In the previews, shit blows up and men scream and Samuel Adams, Paul Revere and John Hancock are all hotties. Know a history dude who was hot? Robert Fulton with his badass old steamboat self.

A cheerful note from your old mom.

This is a bitter weekend for me because the only football game is the Pro Bowl and that's just a game of touch football. After the Super Bowl next Sunday it will be another horrible 6 months before there's anything to watch. Well....I will admit that I've developed a fondness for UTA baseball. It's weird but the games go super fast compared to the pros and Fuzzy's provides the tacos in the concession stand!

Now I'm going to tell you a something that people will find controversial: soup is a disappointing meal. Unless it's soup my mom made, I sit there and think "Gosh, if there was more FOOD we wouldn't have to dump all this water into the pot." There. It needed to be said.

Dad's pretty optimistic about this Liberia gig. I don't know what the ocean is like there, but Monrovia is sure enough on the coast. I think your idea about gettting dad a wicking sort of thing...a shirt I guess...would be a great idea.

Here's hoping you have a decent week and another wonderful return to Switzerland. When you return you should find one or possibly two packages from me. And I'm sure your cat will greet you warmly.