Manuel Noriega


               Noriega was the son of an accountant who put him up for adoption at five years old. Later on  he was accepted to a fine school with the intention of becoming a doctor but got a scholarship to a military academy which he chose to attend. After he graduated with an engineering degree he returned to Panama and was commissioned sub-lieutenant of the national guard. After successful missions Noriega began to grow. Despite word that Noriega was a sly kingpin the US saw him as an asset for counterintelligence. Noriega was later promoted to general and commander of the national guard. He used his power to manipulate the system, elections and money. After being tried Noriega was convicted of cocaine trafficking, racketeering and money laundering. He was sentenced to 40 years in a Miami prison, and was ordered to pay $ 44 million to the Panamanian government.

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Noriega was a brutal military leader who ruled with an iron fist therefore was in no mood to just step down. When Noriega refuse to step down the US began to focus on this dictatorship. Even after accused of drug trafficking and money laundering Noriega did not loose power. He used his power and superiority to hide his sly ways and maintain power over the people. It was not until the US finally stepped in and tried him which he was convicted for money laundering, racketeering, and drug trafficking and brought to the US to be locked up.

Creative Piece

                          "Manuel Noriega" By Karim Taal

A leader, a politician, a Kingpin,

With an initial plan to go to school he

ended up spreading himself to thin.

The US kept him to attain his

counter intelligence and eventually

stepped in when the people were rebelling.

After being tried and convicted for

laundering he spent 40 years in prison pondering.

Essential Question

Was Manuel Noriega's abusive use of political and military power to hide his laundering and drug trafficking in any way justified?

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