By: Alex Nobles, Mike White, and Jariah Putney

Why are dunes moving & the effect of it?

Dunes moving is caused by the predominant winds coming from the northeast making the dunes move to the southeast because of erosion. Another word for the moving of the sediment can be beach drift. The faster the wind is, the more sands gets eroded to a different area. But the sand from the dunes can also be good because when a flood comes sand is the first barrier of defense to soak some of it up so it can cause less damage to the environment and maybe even stop it from inflicting to much damage on the people them selves. The dunes can be also called barrier islands because the dunes can protect us from natural events. Because of this, we do not want the dunes to erode, because they will go somewhere else, not being able to protect us from a storm surge.  This is not the only problem the eroding dunes have.

What effect does the dunes have on residents?

They're also risking burying the residents in sand.  That problem has already been solved temporarily, but it will not last. They solved the problem temporarily by building houses higher than what there suppose to be at. So when the sand erodes it would cause less damage to the people and their homes.

What does the sands energy do?

  The sands energy can also be transferred to a different object, the sand grains sandblast the shine and clarity of a surface. So if you find some glass or other objects it seems frosted or scratched up.

What do we think?

We think that the evolutionary process of the dunes should be preserved because the natural evolution shouldn't be altered, unless it can endanger or effect and economy and its people.

Will rising sea levels effect the evolutionary process of the dunes? Has it affected it already? Why or Why not?

Yes because, 10% of the worlds population lives in low-lying coastal regions within 10 miles of sea level, yes because in the Grand Dunes Fall records show that from the past 60 years, snapshots have been taken and shown that the dunes have changed in size, shape and position from where they started.