Italy and the Black Death

                                                               By: Hayes Oswald

- Italian merchants brought the plague with them from Kaffa, on the Black Sea to Sicily.

- It spread to Southern Italy at the end of 1347

- Once the plague moved from Genoa to Pisa, the disease spread extremely fast throughout Italy.

- Italy was the most effective country because of its dense population

- The political structure of Italy, took a major nose dive, and was turned into complete chaos, with the extreme loss of life.

- 3 out of every 5 people in Italy died

- The an estimate of 3,000,000 people in Italy died, because of the disease

- The Black Death killed almost 25% of Italy's population

- The economy of Italy completely collapsed, due to a complete shutdown in farming and trade

- The results of the Black Death also led to an increase in the threatening of the Church's power, due to an inability to cope with the diaster


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