Career Description

In order to become a doctor you have to have completed a four year undergraduate degree program,spend four years in medical school and then complete 3-7 years of residency training before they are eligible for medical typically takes 11 to 16 years of college to become a doctor or to even be called a Dr. it sounds like a lot of school but it pays off...literally 190,000 to 380,000 or more!

Educational Requirments

Doctors help people feel better or give them information about why their feeling that way on a day to day basis.They write prescriptions,surgery,diagnose,treat human disease,aliments,injuries,pain and other conditions.doctors have been around fro a long time and its a good thing they are we all need a doctor one day or another.Doctors usually are committed to their job and love what their doing.   

Required Skills

you have to know how to treat/take care of people of all different ages and you need to know what your doing at all also need to understand the concepts of the human body,you need to love science,communication skills,patient skills

Other Preparation

you must have the Doctor of Medicine degree(MD's),Bachelor of Science in Biology,


Future Outlook

in Huntsville there are only 27 jobs that have to do with Doctoring but in the whole united states there's too many to count! it will be easy to get a job in my career choice because there's so many out there.this career has a long future and it is said that this career is to be one of the top paying jobs .


if you like helping people and you love a good income then this is the job for you.

Similar Careers

if you didn't  want to do doctoring then you can do nursing it has the same concept but a little easier.

why did i pick this...

i picked this career because this is something that i see my self doing when i get older and i like helping people.

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