By Ashton Erdmann

Pinky Standing Up!


BAsic info

They are Giraffes straight from the sub - Saharan Africa they prefer woodlands and grasslands on the African Savannah. There is 4 Jorj, Bobby B, Tina, and Pinky. DONT CHANGE THEIR NAMES! They only eat plants and, are very dangerous. When they give birth the baby comes out head first and falls 6' to the ground and usually lives. They have a habit of roaming in packs in the Sahara/ Savannah. Did you know that giraffe calf is 6.6'(feet) at birth or that giraffe has the largest brain for a hoofed animal and the word giraffe has its roots in Arabic. It is probably derived from the word Xirapha,  which means 'one that walks very fast'.

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