Online Safety

Even if it sounds like a good idea never give someone you don't know your personal information for anything.

            When you give information about yourself to someone you don't know you're not being safe and it's important to be careful on the Internet.

             You can never tell who is on the other side. Someone might say that they're twelve and like things that you do but they probably aren't, and they could be 57 years old. So what I'm saying is always be safe on the Internet or bad stuff can possibly happen to you.

            People on the internet may be wanting to meet young kids. If someone finds out information about you they can find out where you live and they can kidnap you. Never make a account on a game that tells something that you like or what your name is. If you need help to make sure an account that you made is safe ask your parents if it's good and it won't tell someone something about you.

           If someone finds too much out about you they could use that to find out more information about you, and they could hack your account or steal your identity. You can never be to safe with your information.

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