Rene Descartes

Age of figure at his death: 54

Nationality: French

Where did this person live? France

Class or social background: His father was a Councilor in Parliament. Rene went to Jesuit College of Henri IV in La Fleche. After that he studied at Poitiers. He had a degree in law.

Accomplishments: Wrote 3 important texts "Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking the Truth in Sciences"

"Meditations of First Philosophy "

"Principles of Philosophy"


Without Rene Descartes we wouldn't have the same philosophies about our senses as we do now. Rene Descartes had philosophies about math and we wouldn't have those either. Today you can find his work in his many books he wrote.

above shows a book written by Rene Descartes

The famous quote "I think, therefore I am." was said by Rene Descartes
Here you see where in France Rene Descartes lived

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