Product Utility

Names: Riccardo Marzinotto, Jeremy Dillon, Emily Neidecker

What Is Meant By Product Utility?

It is for a product to be something customers can use and get some usefulness out of. Jeremy.

What Are the Type(s) of Utilities? What do They Have in Common?

There are 5 types of utilities: Form, Task, Time, Place, Possession. They have in common the fact that they are needed to provide consumer satisfaction. All these utilities are necessary to let you have a finished product. Riccardo.

Which utility is Not Classified as a Marketing Utility? Why Not?

Form is not classified as a marketing utility because it is a function of production and not directly related to marketing. Emily

Why is Product Utility an Important Factor in Marketing?

It is an important factor in marketing because marketers and businesses need to know what their customers need and how those needs can be used. Jeremy.

Which Type (or Types) of Utility is Being Used When Products/Services Are Sold Through The Internet?

Form and possession are the utilities that are used when a product is sold through the internet. Riccardo.

How do the Seasons and Holidays Affect Utility?

Utilities are affected by holidays such as Black Friday and Christmas. For example on Black Friday the time utility changes because stores have to stay open all night. The possession utility is also majorly affected because stores are selling a lot of goods, so the exchange of ownership is increased. Emily

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