The Prisoners Of Concentration Camps In Dachau
by: Alex Maloney


Prisoners of these concentration camps were left to literally die a slow and painful death. These prisoners were not fed and had little privacy. Some prisoners were forced to work without any breaks, and, these people weren't even doing anything wrong!.Adolf Hitler, the man who started it all, I can't believe that people actually trusted him. The people involved in the concentration camps, were disrespected, forced to work, and even brutally killed. These Nazis killed over about 11,000,000 people in these concentration camps.

10 interesting facts:

  1. The camps were also used to hold important enemies of the Nazis.
  2. Prisoners were forced to wear identifying overalls with colored badges according to their categorization.
  3. Many prisoners died of dehydration in the intense heat of summer or froze to death in winter.
  4. People were shot while digging their own graves.
  5. Jews were taken to Extermination camps to be murdered, whether it involved the gas chamber, or just straight up murdering them.
  6. The camps were burnt or destroyed after all the prisoners were killed or died.
  7. The prisoners were neglected, abused and treated as slaves.
  8. Beyond concentration camps, there were sub camps, which were smaller versions of the concentration camps.
  9. There were over 100 sub camps.
  10. People died from lack of food sources (starvation).


March 20, 1933- Dachau was made

March 25, 1933- Dachau Exempted from Judicial Authority

October 1, 1933- Punishment and Administration Regulations

August 15, 1938- Dachau Camp Expanded

November 9, 1938- Kristallnacht Arrests

September 27, 1939- Conversion to Armed Forces Training Camp

September 3, 1941- SS Doctors begin Selections of Prisoners

November 15, 1941- Soviet POWS in Dachau

March 17, 1942- Crematorium Site Chosen

June 3, 1942- Polish Priests Deported to Dachau

October 3, 1942- Medical Experiments Conducted on Prisoners

January 26, 1943- Typhus Epidemic

April 26, 1945- Death March to Tegernsee

April 29, 1945- US Forces Liberate Camp


Anne Frank, and her family, (Margot Frank, Edith Frank, Otto Frank), and her best friend, Jacqueline van Maarsen, were five of the many Jews sent away to concentration camps. To avoid being noticed, her family hid up in the attic. One day her best friend, Jacqueline, arrived in the same hiding place as her family. Unfortunately, the people living in the house told the Nazis about the Frank's hiding spot. They were lucky to even survive one day without being whisked away to the concentration camps. Anne Frank, her sister and mother all died in the concentration camps. Her father, Otto, the lone survivor was given Anne's diary.

Anne Frank was the hero because SHE was the one who spread the word about the Holocaust, through her diary. People should know more about this tragic and terrifying event in history so that they will be aware about the horrible conditions Jewish people experienced in these camps. The reader should focus more about the most well known victim of the Holocaust, Anne Frank.


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