Modern Warfare

Poison Gas

Poison gas killed people instantly by entering through the lungs. This results in toxic gases taking over the lungs and making the person. This changed warfare beacuse, it was a new way to cause someone to suffer. It kills many people at one time instantly.

Machine Gun

The purpose of the machine gun was for use in combat. It was invented to make fighting easier my rapidly killing other people. The machine gun changed warfare by making it easier for countries to kill other people in war with them.cthe machine gun is something that has been developed and is continuing to get developed in many countries.


The tank was invented and used to go into battle heavily armed and protected. The tank was one of the most powerful vehicles and still is in war. The tank changed warfare by making it easier and faster to go into combat. The tank acts as a transporter as well as a firing machine.

The submarine was a stealthy object that carried people and missiles that went under water. It's purpose was to spy and attack other people. It changed warfare by providing a new way to reach destinations as well as hit targets. The submarine is something many countires have used and will continue to use.


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