Judging A Book By Its Cover

Throughout the book "Great Expectations" the author Charles Dickens displays through the characters a cultural assumption were they judge the characters by their looks ( judge a book by its cover). The characters show the cultural assumptions from when pip gets pick because of his looks to learn to be a gentlemen. An example is when pip wants to become a gentlemen and didn’t get pick until the some people from the school come down to him, to see what he looks like and they accepted him into the school cause of his looks. Another example is hen pip picks estalla for her looks and wanted to marry her because of her looks.

I believe that there should have been no judging "a book by its cover" just that any boy should have been able to have the chance to become a gentlemen. If you were fat or skinny, brown or white you should have the chance to become a gentlemen to marry that woman or if you just wanted to become a gentlemen.

Dickens show the gentlemen boys in the highest class where that was the same in the 1800s in which the book was written. Because when you were in the lowest class you weren't accepted into the highest class only by lucky chance, like in the book pip was picked from the lowest class cause of his looks.

Dickens dose not challenge the cultural assumption. He has left it the way it would have been in the 1800s.

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