Jonathan Fleming False Imprisonment

Jonathan Fleming wanted $162 million for 25 years of false imprisonment. In 1989 Fleming was convicted and put into jail for a murder he didn't commit. He claimed that he was in Disneyland at the time of the murder but no one believed him even though he had plane tickets to prove it. He lived in New York and was in prison for almost 25 years.

David Ayers False Imprisonment

This article came out on December 11, 2014. David Ayers was accused of killing a woman by the name of Dorothy Brown. They both lived in the same Cuyahoga Metropolitan Housing Authority where Ayers worked security. Ayers spent 11 years in jail before being set free. A pubic hair found on Brown's body proved Ayers' innocence but he was already being let go because of withheld evidence. Ayers received $13.2 million in compensation. The lawsuit was filed in March, 2012.

Whilst on mission trip with my church in Galveston, a couple of the kids we were working with thought I was J.J. Watt, a person who is in the NFL. Because of this, I ended up running around with them for an hour playing football.

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is a convention dedicated to new technological inventions. It is closed to the public but afterwards everyone can see what products were shown off there. It is always in Las Vegas, Nevada and companies from all over the world participate.

Here are two of the products I found that were showcased at CES.

The Voltera is a 3-D printer that prints electronic circuit boards. It is perfect for unconventional DIY projects that need a circuit board. is a website that can tell you more about this wonderful product. Also a bit pricey, this technological innovation starts at $1,400 just for the base printer, not including the filament or any other accessories.

Angela Merkel is the current Chancellor of Germany. She has been leading Germany since 2005. She is also the only woman to ever have been Chancellor of Germany. Merkel is pretty much the leader of the European Union and in 2014 was rated as the most powerful woman in the world.

Jimmy Neutron is the greatest show for kids because it talks about technology in a fun way. Even though a lot of stuff he does isn't possible, it provides a basic introduction to science. I knew what a retrovirus looked like even before i was in middle school because of this show.

This article is saying that net neutrality wouldn't hurt small businesses; it would actually help them. Currently, on Google, the more well known a product or store is, the more people want to buy it, so Google will advertise it more and let more of their content through. With net neutrality, Google and other search engines will be forced to treat everyone the same. I do not think this is fair, although I believe in laissez faire economics, where the government stays as much as possible out of the economy. I believe that people should have to work hard to get their product out there and if it's the best on the market, their product advertisements will be let through. If Walmart has better products, they should be let through.

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