Micheal Oher

Biography Project for Mrs. Hemry's 8th grade Language Arts class
Made by DK

Michael was born in Memphis and is still living playing football for the Baltimore Ravens

Events that effected Michael's life

• being born into poverty

• being taken from his mother into foster care

• being adopted by the Touhy's

•being drafted to the NFL

Michael's childhood

       through Michael's childhood his mother was divorced and on drugs. When his mother was on drugs she would lock Michael and his siblings out of the house (if they had one) for a couple day or even a week. Since Michael and his family lived in the ghetto and had no money Michaels perspective on life like everyone else there was if you live in the ghetto your not gunna make it out. Knowing that he had a slim chance at getting out Michael didn't pay attention in class and basically went to school for athletics  until he realized that the only hope for him at making it out was sports.

People who affected Michaels life

• The Touhy's played a significant role in Michaels life. They adopted him, gave him a new life, and supported him all through his life.                                               

• Mrs Sue, was Michael's tutor and helped Michael with his homework every night and helped him comprehend anything he didn't know.

• Back before the Touhy's Tony who was Tj's dad (Michael's best friend) helped Michael with a place to stay and helped him get to a new school

unique facts

• Michael's first sport he actually played was basketball

• Michael won multiple awards in college football playing left tackle


• Michael improved his grades enough to apply and attend college at ole miss

• Michael made it to the NFL draft and got drafted to the Baltimore Ravens

• the best thing Michael acomplished as that he made it out and beat the odds

Michael's words of advise or what he taught me

• through reading his biography I learned that no matter how bad you have it you can always turn it around for the better.

• Also that if your really want to acomplish something you really have to work hard.

I hope that through reading this and watching the videos that people will learn that when you think your life is the worst that if you work hard you can always turn it around.

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