During the holidays I played games. So here are some games that I played and their descriptions:

  • Lost winds winter of the melodias, description: lost winds is a iOS game it can be played on iPhone and iPad, in lost winds winter of the melodias you have to find, save and rescue Toku's  mother (madgi) and the melodia king, to save everyone in melodia city, because Balsar's minion (riveren) has used Balsar's power to turn everyone in melodia city to stone by poisoning their water supply, so Toku uses enril's powers (power of wind) to defeat riveren and save melodia city.
  • Clash of the clans, description: clash of the clans is a game where you have to build a town by raiding people and it's also a social game where you can talk to others, it's about being nice and friendly, building your clan castle will allow you to join clans. It's basically a strategy game because of raiding and getting trophies, but it's also a social game cause of clan cha and global chat. (Global chat is for everyone and clan chat is just for talking to clan members).
  • The sandbox, description: the sandbox is a game like Minecraft you can create anything you can make the world hot or cold, here are the things you can use in the game,
  • Dirt
  • Water
  • Mud
  • Stone
  • Sand
  • TNT
  • C4
  • Humans
  • Acid
  • Multi
  • Wall
  • Wood
  • Metal. There are a lot more there are also decorations and led lights.
  • Plants vs zombies, description: plants vs zombies is a really good tower defence game for the iOS, in the game you basically use plants to defeat zombies, start with peashoters but then you get sun flowers and tons of other plants. you can buy upgrades from crazy Dave's shop
  • And last but not least, Minecraft pocket edition, description: Minecraft is a creative game, you can craft things and create things, there are no limits they have just added signs that you can type on.
  • Minecraft pocket edition is a small version of Minecraft on pc, but Mojang is trying to put in more things to make the game more like the pc version. I'm pretty sure that sooner or later Minecraft pc and pocket edition will be the same. :)

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