Big League Bobsledding

Lauren Estes, Griffin Ray, Bradley Thomasson

History of Bobsledding

Bobsledding was invented by the Swiss. This event started in the Alps and became popular in 1898. The very first sleds were skeleton ones made out of wood. Four men bobsledding was the first in the Olympics and later in the 1900's two man bobsledding came into the Olympics. The track is now 5500 feet long. Now even the Jamaicans get involved in bobsledding.

Best Teams of 4 since 1948 in Mens

  • - 1948: USA
  • - 1952: West Germany
  • - 1956: Switzerland
  • - 1964: Canada
  • - 1968: Italian
  • - 1972: Switzerland
  • - 1976: East Germany
  • - 1980: East Germany
  • - 1984: East Germany
  • - 1988: Switzerland
  • - 1992: Austria
  • - 1994: German
  • - 1998: German
  • - 2002: German
  • - 2006: German
  • - 2010: USA
  • - 2014: Russia

How is the Sport Played?

A team is made up of 2-4 people. The captain steers to bobsled to victory! There is a weight limit for every division. Two man bobsledding as a limit of 860 pounds, and for women the limit is 750 pounds. Men and woman four teams have a limit of 1,389 pounds.


The equipment needed to bobsled is pretty simple. It involves steering system, runners, retractable push bar, folding rear push bar, and the brakeman's push bar aside from the crew.

Brazil Crashes

At Sochi, Russia Brazil crashes into a wall of ice. For the rest of the ride to the end the sled was on its side. “The duo registered a time of 1:03.23, and despite some sled damage, reports are that neither athlete was seriously injured.”- NBC Olympic News

USA's Training

They go to the track and run. They also put weights on a sled and push it. Most the time they just go to bobsledding course and train. They usually compete in weight lifting contest. One of the American bobsledder is a marathon running and is very good at it and she trained very hard to transfer from spring to Winter sports. They also like to ride bikes. To the peaks of mountains or long distances.

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