Reform Movement: Shakers

The Shakers were a society the developed from the Quakers during the Reform Movement. The name, Shakers, originated from the phrase "Shaking Quakers" which highlighted the wild, shaking dancing that these Shakers were known for. The Shakers were led by Mother Ann Lee and Jane Wardley. They chose to live a celibate, agrarian life and were known pacifists. The Shakers put a lot of influence on equality between men and women. Their societies were isolated from the rest of capitalistic America.

Primary source

" The wisdom of their instructions, the purity of their doctrine, their Christ-like deportment, and the simplicity of their manners, all appeared truly apostolical."

                                                                                                   -Shaker convert

This source is in favor of the Shakers and the Shaker movement. As a convert to the society, it is recorded that the Shakers were based heavily on religion and traditional practices. Shakers, like this one, favored a simple and conservative lifestyle.

Other Info

There is only one remaining Shaker society surviving (as their lifestyle includes celibacy and therefore the Shaker population steadily decreased). This town is called Sabbathday Lake Village. It is located in Maine and contains the last of the Shakers.

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