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I'm grumpy and I know it...

  • Breed: Doberman
  • Location:  Bristolville, OH
  • Age: around 10
  • Favorite Treat: Zukes
  • Favorite Toy: dont have 1
  • Favorite Game: stealing my brother and sister's toy

I'm Sargent, I was turned into Michigan Humane Society in Jan 2012.  Senior Needs Doberman and Doberman Assistance Network helped save me.  I'm now a part of Forever Dobes Rescue.  I'm a very lucky boy.  I might not be Embraced because of my age I wasn't eligible.  

Nobody knows why my family turned me in, they said they were worried I might hurt their 2 year old child.  My Mom thinks they didn't have me their whole life, maybe I was an only dog and they brought another into my home.  I can have some toy, food and dog aggression but I live with 2 other dogs.  I scare my lab sister by giving a little growl.  He he she goes to her favorite spot, under the coffee table.  Its fun being an old man and getting your way.

Since I've been here I've caused my Mom some heartache.  I have hypothyrpid, abnormally prolonged clotting times which mean I'm probably vWD positive, ripped a toenail out, I had extremely high liver levels and had an ultrasound but everything looked good...my levels came back down and have stayed down.  My Mom took me for an echocardiogram screening because one of my rescue brothers was diagnosed with DCM. She took me as a baseline test and they found I was in the early stages of DCM.  I have some old man incontinence too...

While I might be an old man and have the issues that come with seniors, my Mom say I'm one hot mess.  

I had what was an ok blue doberman coat but through a good blue/fawn coat regimen I now have a sleek soft coat.  I get lots of medicines and supplements every day.  I try Mommys patience with not wanting to eat breakfast every couple days...Mom has started giving me breakfast in bed...boy am I a lucky pup!

The funny part of how I came to Moms is she had been looking at seniors after fostering a puppy. Mom wanted to give a senior the love they deserve for whatever time they have left. Seniors are much easier than puppies!

I love to cuddle! I love people. I'm cautious with other dogs. I prefer sleeping on the couch at night.

I live here with a brother, Cody the fawn dobermand, and sister, Lady the charcoal lab. I get along ok with them but I make sure they know when they get in my space.  Hey...I'm a grumpy old man, what can I say...

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