super catapult!
by; Ethan,Nate, and David

designing the catapult.

catapults,fire the candy corn.

1.It was challenging to build a catapult because you had to try to fix all the kinks out of it before you tested it out and you had to make it the best structure so that it adds just the right amount of mechanical energy as possible.

2.The candy corn didn't launch as far as we wanted it to go but it still launched far enough.Also,when  we shot ours the shooter put there finger to close to the launching socket.

3.they are the same because if you were on a roller coaster and you were on top of a hill that's potential energy then you start going down that hill your in mechanical energy and when your completely done with the hill you start going strait forward that kinetic energy.

4.oil rigs need mechanical energy to pump oil and bring back up the oil.

5.I will hold the launching socket lower so the candy corn goes farther.