1386 – December 13, 1466

Donatello is the son of Niccolo De Betto Bardi, born in Florence, Italy. he lived a long life that came to an end in 1466, Donatello was 80 years old and assumed to have died of old age. He was not a very popular person or talked about but his work was very popular and full of personality. He was educated in the house of Marielle family. he worked in lorenzos studio, studied in rome, and made a livnig working in the godsmiths workshop.

This was one of Donatello work during the Renaissance called David and found at Bargello museum in Florance. This is Donatello most famous work and the first know free-standing nude sculpture at the time. The first major work of the Renaissance.

This is also one of Donatello most popular work called the George found in Michelangelo, Florance.

Donatello was important to the renaissance because of his base relief sculptures. These contributed to the development of perspective techniques that contributed to modern realistic techniques.

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