The Civil War

By: Cindy

Chickamauga Battle

The Chickamauga Battle started in September 18-20, 1863.It was at Catoosa and Walker counties, Georgia.

Battle Of the Chickamauga Summary: The Battle of Chickamauga was in North Georgia not far away from Chattanooga, Tennessee, was the biggest battle fought in the Western Theater of the American Civil War. It is second to the Battle of Gettysburg in the number of casualties.The Confederate side won the battle. The union lost the battle.Union lost 58,000 soldiers | Confederate lost 66,000 soldiers in this battle. This battle was hard and it was rough. Chickamauga, the baddest two-day battle of the whole war, proved a excitement ground of lost Confederate. This battle only lasted 2 days, Which was not long for a battle. One thing I thought was funny was that when the Union soldiers next stepped a foot on the Chickamauga battle was when they were on their way to back to Atlanta. So I hope you liked it for more information you may click the button below. THANK YOU FOR READING!

Many pictures of the battle

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