Carl Rogers

By Jacob Staubs

     Carl Rogers was a humanistic psychologist who did his most significant work in the 1950's, 60's, and 80's. He earned his Ph.D. at Columbia university in 1931.

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     Rogers is mostly known for creating the concept of actualizing tendency. Actualizing tendency is the inherent motivation in every organism to reach their full potential. Unlike other theories, he believes that this applies to every living thing, not just humans. He believed that actualizing tendency was the driving factor behind anything that a living being does.

     Another concept that he's well known for is his concept of a fully-functioning person. He believed that someone became a fully-functioning person when they could self-actualize. He believed that there were 5 characteristics of a fully-functioning person:

1. Positive and negative emotions were accepted and dealt with.

2. They were able to live fully in the present without preconceptions.

3. They believed in their own ability to make the best choices and trusted their "gut-instinct".

4. They're able to think creatively and accept risks. They're able to accept change and actively seek new experiences.

5. They live a happy life and are satisfied with how they're living.

     These two theories greatly changed people's views on human potential and led him to be considered one of the most influential psychologists in the 20th century. His studies led him to be nominated for a nobel prize in 1987.


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