My name is Margret Davidson. Its July 19th, 1861. Im a 25 year old wife to a Confederate soldier, John Davidson, fighting in the Civil War, and a mother to 2 children, Jane and Dave. I lived in California up until the point where i moved farther South, yet still in California. My husband is stationed in Alabama. I have an old photo of our family before John left for the first battle.

In the morning when my children and I wake up at 6:30 a.m. The first thing I do when I wake up is feed the children, everyday is usually eggs, sausage, and a piece of toast with milk. Soon after we finish up eating, I take the children down to the farm and we milk the cows and pick up the eggs. On the way home, we stop to see if there are any letters from John. Next, we take a trip to the garden and water the vegetables and fruits and pick them if they needed to be picked. In the afternoon, school starts. Jane and Dave get their paper and pencil and sit down at the table. Some days we will learn about letters and numbers, math, and every other day they will write a letter to their father. After learning is over its bath time. The children bathe and clean up before dinner. I prepare dinner, then we eat. Today we had potatoes, carrots, and chicken. Next, we all chime in and do the dishes then I get the children ready for bed and we go to sleep. Some days I will sew clothes and gloves and socks for the soldiers in the Civil War and send those off. Other days I may send food products such as eggs, or supplies that they need like blankets.

Dear John,  

                      It's been a hard few weeks so far without you here. Days are long, nights are cold. Some days things just don't seem right. The kids and I miss you so much. Jane and Dave are doing very well with their writing. They're finally getting their letters written the right way as you can tell from their letters. I recently read the newspaper about the Battle of Bull Run. Congratulations, I know it may be very hard out there sometimes, but just always remember that every day that goes by, it gets closer to coming back home. We love you very, very so.

                                                                                                             Love Always,  


It's July 21st, just another day until John comes home. There are 19 more days until our family is reunited again. Today we rode down to the old well in our wagon and got 2 buckets of water. Today we also sent canned goods to John's base where he is stationed. Then, we went back to our home and baked cookies, and also sewed together blankets and sent those off.

Dear Margret,

                         It's been a while since i've been able to write back. I hope all is well, and everyone is doing fine. It's been rough here every other few days, somedays we don't get to eat much and others we get feasts. Im so proud of Dave and Jane for their handwriting and how they're working in school. Tell them I love them. There was a battle, the Battle of Shiloh. It was about the bloodiest battle i've seen yet, but I am still well. I have to go for count. I love you all very much.



The children woke me up jumping on the bed, yelling, "There's a letter!" We all sat down at the kitchen table and opened it. I read it aloud to them and they were so smiley and happy to be able to hear from their father.

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