The dry anceint world Mesopotamia

Andrew Betanzo

This is a ziggurat.  It is where people use to worship back in Mesopotamia.


Vocab of Mesopotamia

Ziggurat - A pyramid shaped building used for worship

Polytheism - The beliefs in many gods

Monotheism -The belief in only one god

Mesopotamia - The ancient land between two rivers

Irrigation - Controls when and how much water your crops get

Code of Hammurabi - First set of laws established by king Hammurabi

Fertile crescent - Land between two rivers that is curved and good for farming

City-state - An individual group with its own form of government and traditions

Cuneiform - Wedged shaped writing


Irrigation was one very important invention back in Mesopotamia. With irrigation people could control when and how much water their crops get. This is important because when the Tigris river or the Euphrates river didn't flood the would have to use irrigation to grow their crops.   

Inventions and discoveries of mesopotamia

Here is a video to explain.

The Map of Mesopotamia

Epic of Gilgamesh

First of all Gilgamesh is a name not a type of soup. The epic of Gilgamesh was the first book ever to be written. In the book Gilgamesh tried to survive forever by not going to bed ever but, eventually he died.

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