By Veronica Roth

Insurgent takes place in a futuristic dark Chicago with the main characters being Four and Tris. Tris and Four are both Divergents. Divergent is someone who can manipulate simulations and can be part of more than one faction. Tris is part of Erudite, Abnegation and Dauntless. There is a message that only Jeanine (the president/leader) knows, and doesn't want anyone to know. That message is there is a world outside of their city walls. Jeanine is scared to find out what really is behind the city walls and what kind of people are there. So Jeanine's goal is to control all the factions and for all the Divergents to not be apart of their world. To do that she needs to make a serum that will work on the Divergents. So she really wants to get Tris to experiment and make a serum. Jeanine will kill two Dauntless people until a Divergent comes forward, so Tris turns herself in so be experimented on. Four also turns himself to try and save Tris. Jeanine decides to kill Tris, but instead Peter (friend from Divergent) gives her a fake serum that makes it look she died due to failure of the serum. The three of them escape and return to the Factionless. When they get there, Evelyn (leader of the factionless) tells them they are joining forces with Dauntless and are going to go to Erudite for an attack. Tris decides to not go with him, but instead go with Marcus to find the message Jeanine has been trying to hide. When they get there they see Tori (Dauntless leader) holding a gun to Jeanine. Tris gets out her gun to kill Jeanine, but Tori did it before she could get out her gun. Tobias, Caleb (Tris' brother), and Tris go into the computer and locate the message. The find out that there is a world beyond their city walls and that Divergents are key to civilization. At the end of the message the lady announces her name. Edith Prior, Tris' mom.  

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