Paper Towns By: John Green

JonQuel Ward

          Mood: The mood of "Paper Towns" is Mysterious and romantic

This is Quentin Jacobsen, Quentin is the ordinary guy who is in love with the most popular girl in school Margo Roth Speigelman. After hours of driving and hours of  "Adventurous Fun With Margo", the next day Margo goes missing (v.v) . Now Quentin has no choice but to find the love of his before he graduates. Will he find her ? Can he find her ? WHAT WILL HAPPEN ? (O.O)   

This is Margo Roth Spegelman, she is the antagonist. She is popular, rich, and wealthy but riches don't make a person happy, so she runs away. Paper Towns is what she called it, but what did she mean.

Quotes: "You will go to the paper towns and never come back."

"She was not a miracle. She was not an adventure. She was not a fine and precious thing. She was a girl."

"She loved mysteries so much that se became one."

"Nothing ever happens like you imagine it will"

“No you don't", she answers, and she is right. She can see it in my face- I understand now that I can't be her and she can't be me. Maybe Whitman had a gift I don't have. But as for me: I must ask the wounded man where he is hurt, because I cannot become the wounded man. The only wounded man I can be is me.”

One of the main themes in Paper Town is chasing after what you want in life, no matter what is left behind. This theme is shown through many of the characters. Margo expresses this theme as she doesn’t care if she has to leave everything behind, she knows that she doesn’t want to be stuck in Orlando for the rest of her life because she hates it there. She knew she had to just leave everything all at once of she might not be able to do it.Ben also proves that he willchase after what he wants, by not giving up on trying to get a date with Lacey. He knew it would be risky and he knew he may get made fun of, but it’s what he wanted to he didn’t worry about anyone else.Finally, Q leaves his family and friends at his gradation, he misses his graduation, in order to find Margo because that is what he wanted out of life in that moment.

I recommend this book for boys and girls because the two main characters and Quentin (a boy) and Margo (a girl). Also there's a lot of trash talking, gossip,romantic parts, and mysteries for people who likes thing like that.  

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