Training, Leadership Styles and Appraisal

On the job is when you are at the job and they teach you while you are working.

Off the job is when you have to travel somewhere to be trained.

Pros for on the job-
-Comfort zone
-Only learning what's necessary
-Saves money
- Expert training
- No travelling

Con off the job training-


Democratic leader is a mean leader who listens to everyone opinions and makes all the decisions, for example David Cameron.

An empowering leader is someone who lets their employees make their own decisions and have their own responsibilities, they trust them to do what they want, for example Robin Hood.

Empathetic leaders  will motivate their workers to get the best results from them.

Visionary leaders are people who have a dream and think about the future and are very important to the future, an example of this could be Martin Luther King.

An authoritative such as Kim Jung Un is a leader who when they order something they expect it to happen and not to be let down.