Collapsing House Wakes Rome

By: Talia GArofoli

Ancient Rome tenement collapsed.

ROME, ITALY- Yesterday, the Johnson's woke to the smell of smoke outside of their bedrooms. The police haven't identified a suspect, but they do know what caused the fire. The arsonist mixed water and rum, poured it on multiple blankets, lit it on fire, and left the house.

The daughter woke around 12:30 a.m. to the sound of the door closing and looked out her window. She  saw a man run from her house wearing a black sweatshirt and sweatpants, and a black mask covering his face. She screamed to wake her brother and parents up to quickly rush out of their two story ancient Rome tenement.

They sprinted out of their subsided home to meet at their family spot across the street before they were caught in the blazing house. Their tenement was slowly collapsing, room after room crumbling until nothing was there except the demolished pieces of the house were spread everywhere.

This ancient tenement was fifty years old, but it was still in great shape until it collapsed from the fire. There was separate rooms for dining and sleeping, a kitchen with a built-in clay oven with a burner on top, wooden cupboards to keep food and dishes, and potracks for their pots and pans.

The mom broke her leg, the dad broke his collarbone, the sister broke her ankle, and the brother broke his wrist. However, the family has nowhere to stay, no clothes, no food and water, but they still have to worry about the suspect who is still on the loose.

Ancient Rome Empire Map

Art and Sculpture Gallery Opening Soon
by: Talia Garofoli

Sculpture of Pomp

POMPEII, ITALY- Opening soon, on May 15th, 2015, is Pompeii's first art and sculpture gallery. Kelly Miller bought an old property to use as her gallery. Miller enjoys to make sculpture and art, so she is very excited to open her first gallery.

The gallery consists of mosaics, paintings and sculptures. Miller will make many Greek and Roman sculptures, mosaics, and paintings of important places and scenery in Italy. \

Mosaics are tiny shapes that are painted. Miller is painting different types of mosaics like the opus sectile which is made with geometric shapes of stone and opus tessellatum which is like dice.

Her paintings and mosaics are used to advertise or to show everyday life scenes.

Miller's statues are made from clay and marble, and metal is added sometimes to add strength.

Everyone is so excited in her neighborhood for her grand opening.

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