Ewana Valley
Megan Betts, Elizabeth Gilberston, Ellie Lewis and Cooper McCord

Think to yourself about the most desirable aspect of the community that you live in.
What makes it appealing? So interesting?
We have incorporated dominant aspects of the community we live in into the one we created.
Ewana Valley is a planned community based off of the lifestyle of the outdoors and the legacies of the Greeks and the Romans.  

Some of our prominent features that were inspired by the Greeks are our library, our outdoor amphitheater, and our park in the center of the town including a marketplace.

The Romans have inspired us to have a multi-sports stadium on the high school and junior high campus, along with apartments.

This photo is an example of what we want our park in the center of our town to look like.
Our place of worship will be in the center of the town square. The town square will be located in the top-right of our town.

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Thank you all for being a wonderful audience. We appreciate your attention and thoughts on our community. We hope you have thought about your choices and about our community. Thank you again and have a outstanding day!

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