Indian Jewellery UK - How To Find The Perfect Set?

Indian jewellery UK - surely you have to agree that no getup is complete with no dazzling piece of jewellery to go with it. A dazzling ornament not only adds another dimension to the ensemble, but can also transform an everyday getup into something unique. In the event you're looking for some superior Indian jewellery in the United Kingdom, you could have problem choosing the right jeweller on the Internet. There are a lot of different shops selling hand-made jewellery, but just how can you be certain of the quality? There are several things that you need to consider prior to investing a substantial sum of money in custom-made jewellery. To start with, you should have trust in the couturier. Building a working relationship with the proper artist is a must if you want to be satisfied with your purchase. Your first impression of the jeweller will come from their web site and it is the proper place to begin.

So, you have been looking for Indian jewellery UK and you've just arrived at a website run by a jewellery designer Xanthe Marina Antoniou. A warm welcome! When you look around this site you should be able to get just the right impression of the ornaments designed by Xanthe Marina. Starting from custom-designed, commissioned pieces for example a white gold ring with rubillite tourmaline and pink sapphire, or a yellow gold pendant with rhodolite garnet and orange sapphire. In case you're looking for an item that's available immediately, you'll be able to browse some of the exclusive collections: Nature, Love & Protection, Fortune, Wedding, Silhouette, Desert Dreams, One of a Kind, and Silver Lace. Jewellery pieces in that last collection are intricately made with sterling silver and fine wire. These items are simply amazing, but require additional care as they are very delicate and cannot be repaired if damaged

Custom Jewellery from Xanthe Marina

Once you've looked at the outstanding works of art designed by Xanthe, you will most likely wish to know more about the artisan herself. Xanthe Marina Antoniou is a Londoner coming from a Greek Cypriot family. She's been fascinated by the world of jewellery ever since she can remember. Xanthe has always been inspired by the richness of different metals and the spark of precious stones. Xanthe Marina is on a never ending quest of finding the perfect jewellery piece. She draws inspiration from her international travels, the cultures she experiences, and nature. Xanthe travels extensively in search of new ideas. Her personalised jewellery is eternal because she doesn't follow modern trends blindly. Xanthe Marina especially enjoys the creative process when working on a commission for an individual customer. She is thrilled whenever she has the opportunity to make something really exceptional and exclusive.

All metals used by Xanthe Marina Antoniou are in keeping with the regulations outlined by the Assay Office in the UK. When considering a buy, it's important to keep in mind that the prices of metals used by Xanthe (18 carat gold and sterling silver) can change. Consequently, the costs of jewellery box uk change according to the present market rate. You could always discuss this matter with Xanthe personally. What is the most important when purchasing a piece of jewellery, however, is not the price, but the intention. This is the magic of personalised jewellery. Depending on who gifts the piece, may alter the entire perception of it. If you're purchasing a piece of jewellery as a gift, you have to really know and understand the other person. If you want to avoid disappointment, seek advice from a skilled jewellery artisan like Xanthe Marina. She will be able to advise you on the perfect jewellery piece for your loved one.

So are you ready to set out on an exciting jewellery-hunting journey? If so, it is time for you to browse Xanthe's site and pay attention to every detail on the jewellery pieces presented in the pictures. See how delicate and complex they are? Don't forget, that you can always discuss your requirements with Xanthe Marina. Xanthe particularly loves talking about bespoke pieces that she can design for you personally, or for the special recipient of your magical gift. Feel free to pick up the phone and call Xanthe on 44 (0) 7768263198 or drop her an e-mail at In case you'd like to keep up to date with Xanthe's designs, why not join one of her social networks? You can find her on Facebook here:, or use her Twitter handle @XantheMarina. We're fairly convinced you will be able to find the perfect item, whether you are looking for Indian jewellery UK for yourself or for that special someone you cherish in your heart.

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