Ryan Coomber

Bullies force 5-year-old off school bus

CBC News Article- http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/bullies-force-5-year-old-off-school-bus-1.882336

In Saskatchewan there was a 5 year old child that took the bus to and from school. He was injured in a lawn mower accident, and had to have his left leg amputated from the knee down. When he was on the bus he would be tormented and bulled. He was called mean things, physically abused, was hit, and some times others tried to pull of his prosthetic leg.

He told his dad, and his dad contacted the bully's parents but they did not respond. He then contacted the Principle, who's response was that the 5 year old should no longer take the bus to school, and the school would pay for the dad to drive him. The dad did not believe this was right since he believed it was the bus drivers and the schools responsibility to keep the children safe, and this did not happen. He also wanted the children involved in the bullying suspended but, this did not happen nor did they get in any trouble. The dad is now contemplating suing the school.

In order for this to be prevented in the future, I believe that cameras should be placed on buses and bus drivers should be trained on how to react to bullying. Also, if caught, bullying would result in severe consequences.

I feel this story is very frustrating because the school board did not react to this situation properly at all. The guilty kids on that bus should have had a severe punishment. What would motivate someone to do something so inhumane? There could have been a lesson taught here, and I believe it would have been an opportunity for all involved, to consider their ideas of those with disabilities, and learn to respect their different needs.

-Luke. S

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