By Rayley Burnside

since I was little I've wanted to take pictures so I did some research.  If I was a Photographer I would be paid about 17,000 per year.  Photography is all about professional pictures of nature and ect.  I am interested in it because I just like to look at beautiful animals that the Lord has made.   His creation is amazing and sometimes crazy!   Most people would say "this would be boring cause all you do is click a button".   But it's not like that for me.  For me it's the experience of doing it and the results are breathtaking pictures.  But to get good pictures of things you must focus. Their are also some good tips/rules . And your thinking " oh my goodness there're rules!" well don't worry they can also be called tips and there not to complicated.  To be able to be good at this a thing you could study is art.  It helps you know the position you should take it and also when you're taking the photo think of it as a elegant painting.  If you can imagine it as a painting you took a good picture but if not you could try something different.  But not always.  Sometimes you take a cool picture but don't see it as a painting.  THAT'S OK! you don't have to follow the picture rule.  There are different lens' for different things like sports which is action, snow or outside which is soft and many other things.  This is something I enjoy and I hope you're dreams come true also.  

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