Chapter 3



What is Software?

Software means computer instructions or data. Anything that can be stored electronically is software, in contrast to storage devicesand display devices which are called hardware.

Writing Software!

Software is written by programmers using programming languages. Programming languages are also software. However the CPU can only recognise instructiomn given in binary, so to program firstly you have to give basic instructions in binary or a low level language which is very difficult

Types of Software?

There are many different types of software. System Software is also written to control and make use of the hardware. This consists of operating systems, device drivers, firmware, servers, utilities and interfaces. System software is also often used for dev tools.

Operating systems!

A operating systems is a software that tell the hardware what to do. Early computers had no operating system and programs to enter instructions to which made this a slow and difficult process. However in the modern day computers have many different types of operating system to choose from these make it easy for the user to use programes and basic functions.


Operating system must protect process from each other. They must also protect users from each other. If a process is using a certain part of RAM for temporarily stroring data.

key terms!

Algorithm: A series of steps designed to solve a mathematical or other problem

Instructions: A set of commands that a processor can recognize and act upon

Program: A stored set instructions for a computer to execute

Software: the program that runs on a computer

Application: software designed to carry out a useful real world task

Platform: A combination of hardware and operating systems that support the running of particular application

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